25 Dec

Web presence for your business

Category: CMS

Website is the best tool to display your company information to the public. To drive traffic and market your website, you need a e-marketing company like us to run SEO and online marketing campaign for you. With a better structure, your search engine optimized website will also improve customer satisfaction and help to maintain relationship with customers.

There are a number of reasons why websites are important for doing business.

1. Web site is the most cost effective way to market your business. It can reach a much larger audience around the world than any other medium.

2. People expect your organization to have a web site. If you don't, they think you are less trustworthy and capable. They would trust your competitor who does have a web site, even though it is poorly designed.

3. Your web site is 'open' 24 x 7. You may provide virtual customer service through your web by means of email, online chat, problem logging, etc. so your customers know they are taken care of. It is the most cost effective way to provide customer service.

4. You can publish a FAQ on your web to answer some of the most commonly asked questions from customers. Your customers are quite likely to find the answers from the FAQ before they call up your support team. Hence the FAQ saves your manpower.

5. Product and service information can be updated in real time. New product information can be uploaded when it becomes available. Pricing, product manual, specification and photos can be updated easily on the web. Promotion can be offered through your web site and can immediately attract transactions.

6. You can display your physical location to the public on the web. With mapping applications like Google Map, you can display your location to street level. This will help your customers find you easily.

7. You can sell your products online to anywhere in the world. You don't need to pay for shop rental. You may test your products online first before opening a physical shop. Your customers can settle their transactions by themselves on your web and you will get paid automatically. Fixed cost is kept to a minimal when doing business online.

8. Newsletters and company news can be published through your web to keep your customers informed so they remember you.

9. Your customers can do transactions with their smartphones through your web or a smartphone app. This will improve user experience and potentially create more revenue.