19 Jan

時為 2020年1月,SEO達人 Ivan So和Ringo Li在荔枝角一個Wordpress Meetup分享SEO的最新趨勢。當晚出席人數達100人。不知何故,Ringo 分享了外國一個SEO比賽。於是,Ivan便萌生在香港舉辦首屆SEO比賽的念頭。當時沒有人想到的是,從此這個SEO比賽便每年舉辦一次!

23 Jul

Web server access log files sometimes provide useful information like crawl statistics of web crawlers like Googlebot and Baiduspider, which are useful for your SEO campaigns. For example, you can determine how often Googlebot comes to index your web pages. This is important because if Googlebot indexes your web pages too infrequently, you should find out why this is the case as it could affect your website’s ranking. Crawl statistics is important for China SEO campaigns also.

25 Jun

If you are considering having an online marketing company to run an Internet marketing campaign for your website or products, it is worth taking a pause to consider the marketing options that will give you the highest ROI.

06 Jun

Paragon Culture is a local operator of event venue rental service in Hong Kong. It also regularly holds life and career advancement seminars and courses. Our SEO search marketing specialists at Vision One in Hong Kong have worked with the team at Paragon Culture and using our proactive SEO search marketing approach, we have managed to place Paragon Culture on top spot (in the non-sponsored or organic search result area right under sponsored ads on yellow background) on Google Hong Kong (www.google.com.hk) search result since April 2013, for 2 months already.