06 Jun

Paragon Culture gets to top ranking on Google with SEO search marketing

Category: SEO

Paragon Culture is a local operator of event venue rental service in Hong Kong. It also regularly holds life and career advancement seminars and courses. Our SEO search marketing specialists at Vision One in Hong Kong have worked with the team at Paragon Culture and using our proactive SEO search marketing approach, we have managed to place Paragon Culture on top spot (in the non-sponsored or organic search result area right under sponsored ads on yellow background) on Google Hong Kong (www.google.com.hk) search result since April 2013, for 2 months already.

The search terms for which Paragon Culture is placed on number 1 position are highly competitive, including:

  • rent meeting room
  • rent conference room
  • rent event venue


Some of the highly competitive search terms for which Paragon Culture appears on the first page are:

  • meeting room hong kong
  • conference room hong kong
  • event venue hong kong
  • event room hong kong


Unlike some SEO companies, getting to the top position is not the end of our SEO search marketing services. Our SEO search marketing experts carefully optimized the landing pages for the services that Paragon Culture wants to promote. Our services have significantly increased conversion rate together with increased website traffic. Paragon Culture is very happy with the sales increase resulted from the SEO search marketing campaign.

Besides providing SEO search marketing services to Paragon Culture, our online marketing and digital marketing specialists are also managing Paragon Culture’s Facebook page and Twitter posts. For more information about Paragon Culture’s success story, please also check out Paragon Culture Gets Sales Boost with SEO and Search Marketing.