Let Us Build Your Online Shop to Jumpstart Your Business

Launching an online shop just turned easy with us. We will create an online shop for you that gives a positive first impression through design and functionality.


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An online shop is a website that is your sales channel, product catalog and company brochure. It is a platform where you do business and where potential customers find information about your brand and products. When built properly, it will turn user traffic into paying customers.

We are a team of passionate e-commerce consultants and software engineers specializing in building online shops for our customers. Unlike many service providers, we do not simply put together a website with a payment gateway and then go away.

Instead, we carefully lay down a foundation on which you may continue to grow your online business. We optimize the online shop to create a remarkable sales experience that will help maximizing sales.

We take care of technical aspects of building an online shop so you do not have to worry about HTML coding and stylesheets.

What you are left to do is to focus on what you really should do: Taking care of your business.

As one of the Shopify partners, we leverage the leading e-commerce cloud infrastructure of Shopify and build a stable and scalable online shop for your business. Your online shop could be up and running within a couple of weeks!

Contact us now and we will show you how to build your e-commerce business.


Email Direct Marketing (EDM Marketing)

Email direct marketing (EDM marketing) or mass email marketing is one of the two marketing practices that are regarded by marketers as delivering “excellent” or “good” return on investment (the other practice is SEO), according to a marketing survey conducted in 2013 in which 1300+ marketers responded. This is especially the case if your email marketer already has an opt-in mailing list containing subscribers who expect to receive mass emails from you.


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