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  • Website Design
    Website Design

    Having a great and well-designed website is essential when it comes to doing business on the Internet.  From a small brochure site to a large E-commerce shop, our professional web designers at Vision One with headquarter in Hong Kong will push your online business to the forefront. Our well practiced web design principles will highlight your branding and differentiate your products and services from others, as well as paying full attention to maximising the "User Experience" on your website.  



  • SEO

    Having a great website is only your first step in doing business online. You need to promote your website and want every potential customer to easily find and visit your website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to rank your website high up in search engines result page and is the most direct and effective way of increasing website traffic and thus driving more sales leads. SEO is important in increasing your website's online exposure. Vision One's SEO experts can provide plenty of experience and expertise.


Online Marketing

  • Online Marketing
    Online Marketing

    As the world’s organisations, businesses and consumers have rapidly crossed over to the Internet landscape, the traditional concept of ‘Marketing’ has also been irrecoverably changed.  Vision One is expert in online marketing (e-marketing) and will help you find your customers online.  Our Online Marketing service offering includes search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) management, social media marketing, email direct marketing (EDM) and website design.

05 Mar

Vision One is headquartered in Hong Kong helping local businesses to establish their presence on the web.  Paralleled to the growth of the businesses we helped,  Vision One has also expanded rapidly. We have since grown into a team of experienced professionals with a diverse business and IT background locating in China, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.  We are passionate about employing our considerable mix of knowledge and expertise to help you to fulfill the full potential of your business. We pride ourselves on putting you – ‘the customer’ first, as we rely heavily on your testimonials and referrals. Our well defined approach and methodology ensures that we get to the heart of your business needs and delivers solutions and services that are effective,  successful and integrated, all with the aim to achieve a excellent return on your marketing investment.

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How we work with our clients

Vision One’s Mantra: We cannot succeed unless you do! 

We rely heavily on your referrals and recommendations. We therefore have to do our very best to win your trust and references. 

Our Approach

As you already know, we offer a plethora of online marketing services. But we do not approach projects from simply plucking services with which we could sell you. Our approach is defined by a coherent set of steps which form the basis of our methodology towards all projects. The steps can be summarized into the following tasks and processes:

  • Complete understanding of your business and marketing objectives
  • Thorough analysis of your current & potential customer base
  • Formulation of a high level roadmap towards your marketing goals
  • A look at how/if your current web site could be improved from the perspective of content and User experience
  • From steps 3) and 4) a detail ‘Specification’ and ‘Work Statement’ (Including a project plan) is produced. These documentations detail unambiguously the work, scheduled and (all) costs involved in the project.
  • Project work commences after the ‘Specification’ and ‘Work Statement’ is agreed and signed by ‘You’ the client.
  • Project meetings & communications to track project progress and millstones
  • Project Deliverables are signed off, Tools are implemented to generate statistics that can measure the level of success of targeted campaigns.


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05 Mar

Government Policies

The dominant channels and platforms for online marketing such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are simply unreachable within China. VisionOne’s local knowledge of China’s alternative channels becomes essential in launching any kind of online marketing campaign or SEO work. 

Language & Culture

Chinese is still the preferred language used on the internet. The understanding of the prevailing culture is also important. VisionOne is in the position to offer the highest professional standard in Copywriting and Translation services. Our cross-region professionals will have a great appreciation of both Oriental and Occidental consumer cultural nuances.

Internet User Behaviour

As a result of the above points, internet user’s behaviour is quite unique in China. Through our continuous research and analysis, it is VisionOne’s priority to maintain the most up to date knowledge of the demographics and behaviours of China’s Internet Users.


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