Email Direct Marketing (EDM Marketing)

Email direct marketing (EDM marketing) or mass email marketing is one of the two marketing practices that are regarded by marketers as delivering “excellent” or “good” return on investment (the other practice is SEO), according to a marketing survey conducted in 2013 in which 1300+ marketers responded. This is especially the case if your email marketer already has an opt-in mailing list containing subscribers who expect to receive mass emails from you.

Email marketers may send e-newsletters and advertising emails through our mass emailing software and EDM marketing system. Our mass emailing software will help you to send and track your EDM marketing campaigns. Our email marketers can provide EDM service to help you devise a strategy for your EDM marketing campaign, with the goal of maximizing audience reach and conversion rate. Our email marketer consultants can also design your EDM newsletter to increase your email open rate.

If not managed carefully, mass emails can sometimes be treated as spam mails that will not appear in email recipients’ mailboxes. To maximize the chance of mass emails reaching intended recipients’ mailboxes, our EDM marketing system fully complies with sender and domain authentication through SPF, Sender DKIM and Domain DKIM that will minimize spam email rate.

Security is our top priority so client data of every EDM customer are stored under a separate and independent database. This means data of an EDM customer cannot be accessed by another EDM customer so sensitive data like email addresses are securely stored on our system infrastructure and can only be accessed by authorized users.

We host and manage the mass mailing software on our cloud server architecture so you do not need to install any software. All you need is a web browser in order to manage and track your EDM marketing campaigns.

Our EDM marketing system tells you who opened your email and who clicked on links in your email looking for more information about your products and services. So you know what your customers are interested in and can follow up with them. Our EDM solution also tracks who have unsubscribed your newsletter. The EDM software will not send future emails to those who unsubscribed, complying with relevant privacy laws and regulations in some places including Hong Kong.

Our mass mailing software monitors invalid email addresses that bounced back. Once determined to be invalid email address, the system will not send future mass emails to them to maximize email deliverability rate and minimize unnecessary sending cost.

The EDM marketing software is equipped with a Spam Test Tool that checks whether your mass emails or e-newsletters could possibly be identified as spam mails before they are sent. The tool gives suggestions on what should be fixed in the mass emails to avoid being classified as spam. This tool is helpful on improving overall email delivery rate.

Unlimited number of email lists can be created by manual data entry or import through Excel/CSV/TXT files. Email addresses can be grouped into different email lists to better target your mass emails to the right recipients. Custom fields can be created for each email recipient so you can filter email recipients by various characteristics and better target your mass email campaigns to the right users.

The EDM marketing system comes with an intuitive WYSIWYG editor that requires no special training for editing contents of mass emails. You may preview your mass email the way it would look on email clients before sending it out.

Create your email campaign and let the email scheduler send out mass emails at a preset time in the future if you do not want to send them immediately. This is necessary because business-to-business mass emails usually have higher open rate between 9am and noon on working days. With email scheduler you can schedule your mass emails to your advantage.

The EDM marketing system supports multiple queues that will maximize email sending rate by making multiple connections to SMTP servers by multithreading.

For high volume enterprise email senders and email marketer agencies, we offer a License Model under which a license for the EDM marketing System can be purchased. In this case a dedicated instance of our EDM marketing System will be installed on our hosted server and maintained by us. With the License Model, the monthly email sending cost of clients can be greatly reduced.

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If you are not sure how to send mass emails effectively to promote your products and services, our EDM marketing consultants based in Hong Kong can help you devise an EDM strategy and create and manage your email campaigns. We can also provide professional EDM template design service for your email campaigns.



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