Email Direct Marketing

According to a recent study, email direct marketing (EDM) or sending mass email is regarded by marketers to be the option that produces the 2nd highest return on investment (ROI) for online marketing campaigns, only being ranked after search engine optimization (SEO) that produces the highest ROI.

Hence EDM is a very important component of your Internet marketing campaign.

Vision One's EDM System is a piece of hosted mass email software that not only sends mass emails but also tracks recipients' actions when they receive their mass emails. Where appropriate, our EDM specialists in Hong Kong will integrate our EDM System perfectly with your websites for efficient communication with your clients, customers and business collaborators.

Not only does our Email Direct Marketing System / Mass Email Software send out mass emails for you, but it also tracks each mass email sent so you will know when recipients open your mass emails or e-newsletters and which articles they actually read or which link they click into. Hence you will know what they are interested in and can take follow up actions.

We can also custom design e-newsletter templates for you that are compatible with any web browsers and mobile devices. Besides, we also run EDM campaigns that help you achieve your business goals. With our EDM System, you won't lose contact with your current customers and will find new ones. Contact our Hong Kong EDM specialists.


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