We have heard our customers saying: "We have created our website, and it has a good design too. Why isn't there anybody visiting it?". It is a popular question that companies raise about their websites. The truth is that, to most companies, building a website is just step one toward building online presence and increasing visibility.

The hard work is to have your customers find your website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search marketing is to have your target customers find your website through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing by listing your website on the first page of search results and improving search performance so more people can find your website.

According to a study by Chitika (Diagram 1), 91.5% of the website traffic referred from Google comes from the first page of search results. Websites listed on page 2 and beyond will only totally receive the remaining 8.5% of the traffic from Google. So if your website is listed on page 1, your website will likely have more visitors and some of them will become your new customers. This means that you can generate sales revenue from them. Thus it is an absolute advantage to be listed on page 1 over other websites that are not. SEO is a very effective marketing tool to find your target customers and increase revenue.

Chitika Study - Google positioning

Diagram 1: Chitika Study - Google positioning


Our SEO Search Marketing Process

At Vision One we have developed a unique proactive SEO search marketing process, starting from defining business goals and target customers, through website audit and keyword mining, to site optimization, quality assurance, constant monitoring and review of our SEO strategy where appropriate. Under our SEO search marketing process, we make sure the SEO campaigns we mange for our customers are effective and have the best possible ROI (Return on Investment).

 Vision One iMedia: SEO Process

Diagram 2: Vision One SEO Search Marketing Process


SEO Search Marketing With Vision One

At Vision One, we have strong expertise dedicated to SEO search marketing having already helped a number of our clients increased their website visibility dramatically. Also, with part of Vision One’s team in China, we are in the unique position to offer our ‘China Online Marketing & SEO services’ specific to the Chinese Internet space.  This service is particularly relevant to foreign-based companies who wish to grow their businesses in the exponentially growing Chinese market.

We can run an online marketing campaign for your new product launch. When combining SEO Search Marketing campaign with Email Direct Marketing, you will communicate efficiently with your current customers and find your new target customers. Learn more about Email Direct Marketing.

You are very welcome to contact us to discuss any of your SEO and search marketing requirements or objectives. Contact us.


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