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'Elegant Watch and Jewellery (三寶鐘錶珠寶)' (, a part of the Hengdeli Group that is listed in Hong Kong Exchange, has been a leading luxury watch & jewelry retailer in Hong Kong since the 1970's.  Vision One is therefore very honored and excited to announce that 'Elegant Watch and Jewelry' has chosen us for its digital marketing solutions and services. Vision One's digital marketing solution package will include Website Development & Optimization, SEO, social media management and WeChat application development and campaign management. This new prestigious engagement is a tremendous boost to our expanding client portfolio and gives Vision One great encouragement to continue to deliver our impressive solutions & professional services.

Vision One is delighted to announce the addition of 'Corporate Locations Hong Kong' ( to our client portfolio. 'Corporate Locations', a leading office space rental agent in Hong Kong & Singapore, has selected Vision One's Online Marketing solutions, including digital audit, website optimization, search marketing consulting and SEO, to further its reaches in Hong Kong. This new exciting engagement adds to our growing list of clients that have chosen Vision One's exceptional services to be their online marketing solution provider. 

Web server access log files sometimes provide useful information like crawl statistics of web crawlers like Googlebot and Baiduspider, which are useful for your SEO campaigns. For example, you can determine how often Googlebot comes to index your web pages. This is important because if Googlebot indexes your web pages too infrequently, you should find out why this is the case as it could affect your website’s ranking. Crawl statistics is important for China SEO campaigns also.

If you are considering having an online marketing company to run an Internet marketing campaign for your website or products, it is worth taking a pause to consider the marketing options that will give you the highest ROI.

Paragon Culture is a local operator of event venue rental service in Hong Kong. It also regularly holds life and career advancement seminars and courses. Our SEO search marketing specialists at Vision One in Hong Kong have worked with the team at Paragon Culture and using our proactive SEO search marketing approach, we have managed to place Paragon Culture on top spot (in the non-sponsored or organic search result area right under sponsored ads on yellow background) on Google Hong Kong ( search result since April 2013, for 2 months already.

Vision One's SEO search marketing experts have managed the SEO and online marketing campaign for Paragon Culture ( since December 2012. Paragon Culture is an operator of event venue rental and a provider of quality career and life improvement courses based in Hong Kong. Paragon Culture's website was redesigned and launched in November 2012. Prior to the website redesign, visitor traffic to the old Paragon Culture website was low and few people knew about the company. At the start of the SEO and online marketing campaign, our SEO search marketing experts first worked out the business goals for Paragon Culture. They are to promote Paragon Culture's website, increase website traffic and online visibility, and also the number of enquiries on meeting venue rental through telephone, email and submission of online form from the website. We then devised a customized SEO search marketing and online marketing strategy and executed it successfully for Paragon Culture!

The China search engine war between Baidu and Qihoo 360 is becoming an uproar as Baidu is rumored to take a potential stake in Kingsoft. It is expected that Baidu will move to unite with Kingsoft and Tencent to combat Qihoo 360.


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